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A true educator, Nancy Hunter Denney’s sense of humor, creative use of personal stories and quotes make for an enjoyable and entertaining keynotes or trainings.


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Nancy Hunter Denney

Author • Keynote Speaker • Leadership Trainer

“When you make a difference in someone else’s life, your life will be forever different.” – Nancy Hunter Denney With over 30 years professional experience dedicated to the development of committed, competent and conscientious individuals, Nancy Hunter Denney continues to bring a joyous spirit and positive energy to her work. She began her career in higher education student affairs prior to becoming a full-time professional speaker and trainer. Her enthusiastic approach to speaking is contagious and her original ideas, methodologies and stories make her programs informative, as well as entertaining. A frequent speaker at national, regional and state association and professional development conferences, Ms. Denney has earned a national reputation for her ability to motivate through sustainable messages on life and leadership. As an author, her books provide supporting material for all of her programs. Keynote Speaking Leadership Training Workshops Book Publishing Leadership Curriculum Development Products to Reinforce Your Programming...


How Can I Help?

“Most people have more than most people.  We get busy, very busy, and forget not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it.  Whether advancing a social cause, developing leaders, engaging students, planning a conference, welcoming parents, collaborating as a team or staff, enhancing professionalism, or seeking to motivate those around you, my approach is to help you achieve your specific programming goals and learning outcomes.”

“I bring over two decades of professional speaking to the table along with a significant background working in higher education, raising and parenting two college students, building a business, and serving my community.  Along the way, I have developed a speaking style inspired by the desire to serve while bringing original content, inspiration and joy to others.  How can I help you?”

– Nancy Hunter Denney

Professional Conference Keynoting

“Nancy was FANTASTIC as our speaker and truly set our day up for success.”

Charlotte Coor
Assistant Brand Manager
Proctor & Gamble
Cincinnati, Ohio

Nancy Hunter Denney promises to deliver a high energy, insightful and relevant message for professional staffs, associations, corporations, women’s organizations and non-profits. She speaks frequently on the topics of balance and influence which are relevant to audiences of any kind, including corporate.

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Signature Keynotes and Training Topics

“Her opening KEYNOTE was amaZING! Nancy connected instantly with the audience.”

Gillian Barbato
Conference Coordinator
New Hampshire

With the ability to deliver a variety of topics to diverse audiences, Nancy Hunter Denney offers engaging and sustainable training programs and keynotes. Her most requested program is Zing! Your Life and Leadership which is available as a one hour workshop or keynote, as well as a full day comprehensive interactive presentation on enhanced influence.

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Publishing Services

“Nancy was my saving grace! Her strong network in the self-publishing world is priceless…”

Kristin Skarie
President, Teamworks
Rochester, New York
Author of A Year of Nothing New – Tools for Living Lean and Green

Zing! Publishing offers support services from concept development through to production. For a one-time fee, Nancy Hunter Denney can help your dreams of becoming an author come true. Her creative business model allows all profits to go directly to the author.

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Randy Scott Stevens

Cornell University

“Not only informative, but inspiring!”

Dr. Ciantha McCurdy

MA Department of Higher Education

“Thanks for making the 2013 Leadership Conference a huge success and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with you.”

Melissa Bailou

Corvais Foundation

“Excellent! Your keynote was the perfect way to end the conference.”