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Why not now?

Is it time to get published? Why are you waiting? If you keep hearing “I think you have a book in you,” and haven’t done anything about it yet, Zing! Publishing can help make it happen. In half of the time and expense it takes to get published (typically a year or more), and assuming you find a publisher willing to take you on (they tend to like established celebrities or cookbooks) you can be making a significant profit selling your book!

Proof is in the writing! Take a look at some of the book projects recently published by Zing! Publishing.

Proven Results

“Nancy was my saving grace! She guided me through the process and offered support and motivation from day one when I first shared my idea with her to the day I sent the final manuscript off to the printer. Her strong network in the self-publishing world is priceless and her “voice of reason” got me through the final days of writing. Nancy’s kindness, honesty and sense of humor at a few especially stressful points along the way made me feel like everything was going to be ok – it was more than OK and the book is done!”

– Kristin Skarie, President, Teamworks
Author of A Year of Nothing New – Tools for Living Lean and Green

“I wouldn’t have believed it could be done, but the girl made it happen. After giving a program together and sharing a late night pizza, Michael Miller commented how the three of us should write a book on college success. My friend and colleague, Nancy Hunter Denney, ripped the top off the pizza box and started outlining our book as we threw ideas at her. Six months later to the day, The Now Factors of College Success was published.”

Jermaine M. Davis, author and speaker

“When preparing to write my first book, 35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say, I contacted many people for their advice and guidance. Perhaps the most helpful was my friend and colleague, Nancy Hunter Denney, who took the time to consider the flow and format of my chapters. She offered valuable suggestions on how to enhance the book’s functionality, readability and marketability. Her input was greatly appreciated and without question added to the success of the book.”

– Dr. Maura Cullen
Author of
35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say

“The first line of the Acknowledgement reads, “Thank you to authors Steven J. J. Weisman and Nancy Hunter Denney who gave me the inspiration and courage to take the big step getting started on this project and provided so much guidance, support, and laughter through the entire process.”

– Bonnie Kirchner, Financial Advisor
Author of
Who Can You Trust with Your Money


Why write a book?

Of course there is the self-satisfaction and the vanity of it all. But, Zing! Publishing believes there is significant gain in being published:

  • Establishes you as an expert on your speaking or consulting topic,
  • Provides you with a self-authored resource to use in your promotional materials,
  • Opens the door for enhanced publicity on radio and TV,
  • Allows you to create a new way of communicating familiar lessons,
  • Supports your speaking topic or helps to create it,
  • Facilitates the organization of your teaching efforts,
  • Provides enhanced revenue through advance bulk sales or during book sales.

In short, a book generates income through direct book sales, as well as adding enhanced credibility to your area of expertise as a speaker, consultant and so on.

What do you need to do?

Zing! Publishing isn’t a “print on demand” service. It is designed to give you the personal support you need to go from the ideas in your head to an actual product. The principal project manager is national speaker and author, Nancy Hunter Denney who has overseen six of her own successful book projects to date. Services offered include:

  • Book conceptualization
  • Author motivation and guidance reaching pre-determined writing deadlines
  • Cover creation and element identification
  • Production overview and management using the most economical layout, design and printing professionals (versus a “one shop does it all and looks the same as a result” approach)
  • Humor and encouragement (that’s slang for occasional “ghost writing” if needed)

What will it cost to produce a book?

A variety of factors go into the final expenses associated with writing a book, including time away from other income generating efforts, paying for things you might have done yourself to free up time to write, and your commitment. The ability to increase your revenue streams will be the difference between coming out of these economic times ahead or behind. Can you really afford not to write a book now?
Marketing, distribution and fulfillment is your responsibility. Zing! Publishing offers guidance and the professionals to get a book out of your head and into your hands – the rest is up to you! However, you will receive expert consulting on various ways to move your book and even get orders before they come off the press!

Production expenses once quoted are fixed, no surprises. Quotes for the entire project will be provided once the project manager has discussed with you the basic book premise, desired page count, cover size, and format. The kinds of expenses that go into producing a book include the following:

  • Cover design
  • Layout and styling
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Printing
  • Any proofing changes on the printer’s final copy
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Project management

You don’t want your book looking like everyone else’s book, and you certainly don’t go into writing a book counting on the fact that 80% of people who buy books don’t read them! That is inconsistent with being genuine and respecting the reader. Zing! Publishing has created an integrity based processed where the author, and project manager, agree to meet negotiated deadlines, and honor quoted pricing, deposits and responsibilities. The goal is a professional process at a pace and price discussed in advance.


The final project cost will be most influenced by the quantity of books published and where they are being shipped! To make this a worthwhile and economical venture, there is a minimum quantity of 2000 books required. Half of the fee for project management services is due upon signing the contract. The other half is due before books will be shipped. Unlike any other option you will find out there, Zing! Publishing operates on a “cost plus” pricing plan. Simply put, you pay the actual charges, see all invoices and pay a project management fee negotiated in advance. It’s that simple!

How to Proceed?

Contact Nancy Hunter Denney, project manager, at 508-864-4027 or nancyhunterdenney@gmail.com. Please note projects will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis!