Leadership Curriculum


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Leadership CurriculumThe thinking is done! Grab the system and start developing leaders! This pre-packaged system contains 12 program outlines for a leadership development series or class, emerging leader one day conference, or stand alone resource for a leadership resource library so others may offer leadership development to their organizations and staffs. Accompanying the curriculum in a notebook is the following:

  • All program handouts and self-assessments on a thumb drive
  • All PowerPoint presentations on a thumb drive
  • Facilitator Guide and Resources
  • Program Outlines in easy-to-follow format for facilitator
  • One copy of Zing! 21 Insights on Maximizing Your Influence

The Curriculum includes the following 12 units:

  • Zing!™ Your Life and Leadership: The Opportunity
  • Team Building: Beyond a Team of One… How to Play Well with Others!
  • Goal Setting: Increasing the Odds of Achievement: How to Establish and Implement Goals
  • Motivation: Are You Fit to Lead? Self-Energizing Strategies for Student Leaders
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills: The Art of Organization and Doing It All
  • Communication Skills: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It
  • Delegation: Because You Can! Learning to Delegate
  • Promotion and Publicity: Is a Program Successful if No One Comes?
  • Recruitment and Retention: We Want More! Recruitment and Retention for Student Leaders
  • Motivation: The Art of Inspiring Others to Do Great Things
  • Respect: The Rules of Respect and Civility
  • Zing!™ Your Life and Leadership: The Obligation

Program Topic Levels:

All program outlines have been categorized to suggest their “best fit” or “maximized potential for impact” using three topic levels. These categories are the result of an extensive review of the more established and effective leadership development programs in the country and are provided as a guide. They offer a context for the placement and selection of leadership development training topics based on the premise some skills are fundamental to the practice of leadership, making the way for not only a more developed skill set, but a more relevant understanding of leadership.

Topic Level: Foundations First [FF]

 Program outlines identified under “Foundations First” are generally intended to be for participants who are new to leadership development and have had relatively few opportunities to assume leadership positions or receive any previous training. These topics also “insert” well into leadership series, courses and one-shot training efforts. The topics in this category are fundamental tools for all leaders and it is recommended that participants receive exposure to most of the topics in this category to ensure a solid foundation for additional skill building, and leadership education.

Topic Level: Taking it Higher [TH] 

Taking it Higher program outlines represent leadership skills or concepts that are best learned and appreciated because participants can identify with their own life experiences or recognize the value and relevancy to their own lives. Participants might also possess previous leadership involvements or work experience where many of the fundamental skills sets and concepts have already been acquired – or, they have participated in earlier leadership development of a related topic. These topics are also best suited for a higher level of maturity and intellectual development.

Topic Level: Beyond Self to the Common Good [CG] 

Inherent in the very definition of Zing!™ is the “ability to override competing forces to positively influence others towards a greater social good.” The outcome and intent of Zing!™ is to make the world a better place, to use one’s aptitudes to demonstrate their gratitude and to serve the common good. Leadership programming designed to develop skills and perspectives of the world also needs to be intentional in articulating a vision of “common good.” Program outlines in this category move the participant from their own direct skill development to that of reaching and serving others. It is recommended these programs are towards the end of a series or build upon previous levels.


The curriculum is listed in the recommended order of delivery.

Zing!™ Your Life and Leadership: The Opportunity
Level FF

Do you have it? That thing that makes others listen to your life and leadership? And, if you do have it… do you know what to do with it? This introductory session offers a refreshing approach to leadership through the concept of Zing!™ – defined as “the ability to override competing forces to positively influence others towards a greater social good.” Although there are over 400 definitions of “leadership” this overview clearly lays the foundation that leadership is influence, and offers the various challenges needed to be overcome in order to make the world a better place. The inspiration to make leadership skill development part of every day life is also offered given the reality… wherever you go, there you are! Beware! It’s always Zing!™ time!

Team Building: Beyond a Team of One… How to Play Well with Others!
Level FF

Do you have a group of individuals who need to get to know each other better? This session is a series of interactive activities and exercises designed to get participants to be more comfortable with each other as well as to be more motivated to work productively and cooperatively together. People really need people yet, people can really annoy people. Tips on how to better your interpersonal skills and build relationships will also be offered.

Goal Setting: Increasing the Odds of Achievement: How to Establish and Implement Goals
Level FF

When you get to it? Will that be in this lifetime or the next? The most successful leaders in the world not only have a vision, they know how to use it! Learn how to set goals, determine your objectives and organize your daily list so you too, will make a positive impact on the world tomorrow by making the best you possible today. Live up to your potential by knowing where you are and where you want to go!

Motivation: Are You Fit to Lead? Self-Energizing Strategies for Student Leaders
Level FF

When your head hits the pillow at night, do you go into a deep sleep or toss and turn all night? Do you have the energy you need to get through the day, or is a Red Bull close at hand at all times? This fun, inspiring and informative session will ask you to assess your current success at taking care of you, while offering strategies for enhanced health and wellness.

Time Management and Organizational Skills: The Art of Organization and Doing It All
Level FF

Where did I put that? Has anyone seen my… ? These are questions indicative of poor organizational skills. This content rich program will offer numerous strategies for enhanced time organization and energy management. For example, consider the value in knowing mail should only be handled once, a filing system serves many functions, your calendar is way under-used… This program teaches useful tips on how to organize your time, set priorities, systemize your paperwork, and more! Be careful, you might just use what you learn… then, what will you do with all that time? Make a difference through your leadership, perhaps?

Communication Skills: It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It
Level FF

We learn how to communicate at a very early age and then forget to keep learning this highly complicated and significant skill. This session will offer skill building exercises in a variety of areas, including assertion theory, conflict resolution, non-verbal communication, two-way communication and listening. Learning how to say what you want or are feeling and hear what others are saying and feeling is a significant part of this training experience. Wayne Dyer said, “People treat us the way we teach them to treat us.” Is there room for improvement in how you express yourself and “read” others?

Delegation: Because You Can! Learning to Delegate
Level TH

I can’t do that right now, I’m busy doing everyone’s job! If this sounds familiar, or you are on the receiving end of a “control freak” you need to learn how to share the wealth while teaching the price to pay for monopolizing the work at hand. Strategies for effective delegation and assertiveness are offered, along with opportunities to practice the language of leadership!

Promotion and Publicity: Is a Program Successful if No One Comes?
Level FF

How differently can you think about a “program?” Is it a person, place or thing? This session offers a variety of ways to look at what a program is and presents a detailed look at the planning stages of a program – through to the promotion (which can also be part of the program!_ The key to a successful program is knowing what “successful” means. This creative and very interactive session also focuses on theme development as a means of offering higher quality programs with easy tie ins for promotion.

Recruitment and Retention: We Want More! Recruitment and Retention for Student Leaders
Level FF

Quality not quantity only goes so far. This highly active and engaging session will take a look at those things that attract members to your organization and those retention strategies that keep members dedicated and enjoying their experiences. Have you ever considered why people join organizations? Has the notion of planning a year long recruitment campaign ever been “entertained?” Do you truly value and understand the members who do show up? This session will not only motivate YOU to think differently about recruitment and retention, but it will provide you with the tools (and handouts) to attract more members and help them make their experience a meaningful one!

Motivation: The Art of Inspiring Others to Do Great Things
Level CG

The ability to empower others to make the connection between how they see themselves and how they act is a learnable skill – one of enhanced communication. It also requires the ability to role model, challenge boredom and “fake it until you make it!” Positive energy is contagious, and specific acts of motivation do make a difference. This session will offer up strategies of inspiration when others are determined to bring others down.

Respect: The Rules of Respect and Civility
Level CG

You can sing about respect all day long, but if you don’t behave in a manner reflective of your self-respect, you won’t have followers. Leadership requires respecting others and treating others with civility – the act of being kind and courteous. Respect is earned, and it is often requested. This session will ask you to examine why others should respect you and what is the value in simply respecting others “basic human rights.” When the inspiration to respect others is present, civility follows. Specific examples of each will be offered, along with strategies for being more respectful of others and building an environment of civility.

Zing!™ Your Life and Leadership: The Obligation
Level FF

What time is it? That’s right… It’s Zing!™ time. You now own the attitude, outlook on life and energy required to serve a greater social good. Along the way, you’ve picked up the needed skills and are ready to consider the value in leaving your fingerprints wherever you go. Personal assessments for growth and time to reflect upon the “insights” learned are provided, along with opportunities to interact with others and bring closure to an intensive personal growth experience. It’s time to enlarge your territory and move from the numerous opportunities for self-development to the more civic minded obligation to make the world a better place because you now have this thing… called Zing!™.


  • As a result of using the Zing!™ Leadership Development Curriculum, clients will:
  • Serve more students and participants – many of whom might not get exposed to training,
  • Improve the quality of their leadership development and education efforts,
  • Broaden the diversity of training formats in order to meet different learning styles and programming needs,
  • Reduce overall training expenses while adding value,
  • Build upon previous year’s training and development efforts,
  • Require less duplication of effort and staff preparation around leadership programming,
  • Improve the facilitation and expertise of “on-campus” or “organization” educators,
  • Offer a fresh new approach to the teaching of leadership as “influence,”
  • Provide opportunities for those apprehensive about reaching and teaching, the tools to do so with ease and confidence, and
  • Bring excitement (yes, Zing!™) to their organizations, communities and leadership education efforts.

Quality Control:

All outlines have literally been tested on thousands of participants. Leadership training facilitators, students and educators with relatively little experience can be assured a successful educational outcome. Creativity, original content, infusion of the Zing! theme, current research and connection techniques are inherent in every program outline. People change.

Research continually reveals new insights into training and course development. Zing! Leadership Development Systems promises to stay current and offer responsive, sustainable and content driven program outlines.

Leadership Development Learning Outcomes

As a dedicated educator, author and trainer (with over twenty years of experience “reaching and teaching” current and future difference makers) Nancy Hunter Denney believes people learn best when they are inspired to learn – and, by a trainer or educator with a clear understanding of their learning outcomes and the significance of being relevant to their participants.

All twelve program outlines contain specific learning outcomes and are constructed in a very intentional manner that motivates participants to do the following:

  • Make a personal connection to the topic;
  • Consider the relevancy of the topic to their ability to positively influence the common good;
  • Seek additional information and review handouts;
  • Actively participate in the learning process through critical reflective exercises;
  • Build awareness of skill sets fundamental to leadership development;
  • Engage in practical skill building experiences;
  • Encourage individual change;
  • Foster a personal sense of responsibility;
  • Encourage an enhanced sense of civic efficacy;
  • Improve participant’s sense of self worth; and
  • Take ownership for one’s leadership development potential.
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