Non-Profit Helping Organizations

“Nancy was the highlight of our event!”

– Kristi Piatkowski, program manager
CONNECT Partnerships for Nonprofit Solutions


As a life long community volunteer, Nancy Hunter Denney gets it. She believes in Winston Churchill’s saying, “You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.” She offers keynotes and training sessions specifically designed to acknowledge the value in serving a greater social good, while inspiring greatness. Her training sessions back up her vision by teaching various skill building strategies.

Nancy Hunter Denney has always been actively engaged in her community and understands non-profits. She is currently assisting a private Catholic high school in fulfilling their mission to educate civically responsible, faith filled young adults. Ms. Denney believes, “To those much is given, much is expected.” She recently served on the Advisory Council to the National Conference on Student Leadership and served a three year term on the national board of the ACPA Foundation.

“I have heard nothing but great comments about you and our conference.
What a wonderful job you did. You made us look good!”

– Pauline Pasch, program assistant
Capital Region Community Foundation (MI)


Why Not Now? The Urgency of Your Greatness

What’s the urgency of your life and leadership? Can you afford to leave your greatness up to chance, or are you willing (and able) to raise the bar of your life and leadership? When “good” seems to have gotten you this far, it’s time to value time – every second and challenge yourself to reach higher, think harder and lift heavier! It’s time to accept your role in making the world a better place by also accepting a simple reality: You’ve got potential! This humorous and inspirational keynote will offer five strategies on how to act with urgency, seeking daily to ask, for example, “How can I help?” as opposed to “What’s in it for me?” Warning: There is greatness among us and within you!

How to Zing! Your Life and Civic Leadership

Gandhi said, “WE must be the change we wish to see in this world.” His words suggest we don’t sit around talking about making a difference in the world, but we act. Zing! is the energy it takes to override competing forces to positively influence others towards a greater social good, and represents a mind set for productive, intelligent and compassionate involvement by citizens of all ages, races and beliefs with the reminder one’s vision of the world must be 20/20.

Through personal explorations, interactive experiences, stories and shared gifts, audience members will learn what Martin Luther King, Jr. meant when he said, “There comes a time when your silence is betrayal.” Various strategies for thinking globally and acting locally will be presented along with the inspiration to change the world… one person at a time. It’s always Zing! time.

Life by Design: Finding Balance

The one thing most people have in common is their kitchen drawer. It can’t be opened because it’s jam-packed with miscellaneous items no longer needed. Stale gum, a broken pencil, and dead batteries, for instance. Despite what goes into this kitchen drawer, nothing ever seems to come out. Our lives can be like a kitchen draw as we try to fit 36 hours into a 24 hour day.

This humorous, insightful, and practical one-hour keynote lecture (also available in workshop format) challenges audience members to “dump that drawer!” Nancy Hunter Denney creatively compares making life improvements to making home improvements. She offers a five-phase model for identifying what needs to be cleaned up, remodeled, renovated, or completely rebuilt in a person’s life, then inspires audience members to put on their overalls and get to work until they discover a more balanced and meaningful life.

Nancy believes that change is easy. Believing one is worthy of change can be the hard part. When this happens, all aspects of one’s life are impacted (i.e., employees resist new ideas, staff members don’t work to become more of a team, individual relationships are characterized by poor communication skills, etc.) It’s all connected. Just like the floors of one’s residence are connected to the walls, this keynote emphasizes the role of self-esteem in making life improvements and finding enhanced happiness in living and leading a more balanced life.

This keynote is based on Nancy’s first motivational book,Life by Design. A Do-It-Yourself Approach to Happiness.