Experience matters! Nancy Hunter Denney brings over 30 years of professional experience in higher education along with a unstoppable passion for learning. She has spoken on well over 900 college campuses, as well as, being a frequent keynote speaker at state, regional and national conferences in higher education. From undergraduate leadership training to professional association conferences, Ms. Denney seeks to inspire, inform and raise the bar of excellence.

Her audiences may be diverse, ranging from elementary education teachers to university presidents, but they all appear to appreciate the down to earth and practical style of Ms. Denney as she reminds them, “It’s not about how we teach, as much as it is about how they learn!” She trains the trainers, teaches the teachers and has a frequent presence at regional and national conferences giving professional staff development sessions.

Parents and students also benefit from her humorous and relevant stories raising her own two children. Now, as a parent of two college students, and former director of new student orientation, her messages are particularly useful to new student orientation audiences.

After her children graduated from high school, Ms. Denney assumed part-time responsibilities in a local high school guidance department giving her first hand experience with today’s college searching teenager. When combined with years of experience speaking for high school leadership organizations and student governments, Ms. Denney is able to maximize her potential to inspire today’s amazing youth to create their own futures.


A Time of Holding On and A Time of Letting Grow

Your student is anxious, excited, ready, unprepared, nervous, thrilled… and the list goes on! Strangely enough, so are you. The transition between high school and college is exactly that – change. Not only are there important developmental stages unfolding in front of your very eyes, but you are in a unique position to assist (rather than resist) your “soon to be college” student. In a humorous and conversational approach, the speaker seeks to provide realistic expectations based upon her own recent experiences parenting college students around the transition process, while suggesting rather forwardly – it’s time to hold on… while letting them grow. Tips for parenting a college student will also be offered for those open to “parenting and partnering” with whatever institution of higher learning awaits your student. One of the greatest outcomes of this program is the opportunity for parents and guardians – who have gone through it already – to share their expertise!

Civility, Leadership and College Life

Is that your tray left for someone else to pick up? Did you just interrupt your professor? Is it cheating if everyone else is doing it? These are actually questions of character. As college students the expectations for positively contributing to your community include enhancing – not distracting – from a high standard of civility characterized by your integrity, intelligence and inspiration. At the core of your civility are three constructs: compassion, consideration and concept of self. Using humorous examples and a non-judgmental style of presenting, this session offers original ideas around the notion of “courteous and kind” behaviors with assessment tools and original handouts. It is designed to challenge you to fully accept the many contributions you can make to your campus community and why college is “higher” not “lower” education. Watch out! You’ve got potential.

The Future is Yours to Create! [College Success or Senior Events]

How many hours in a day? And, how many days do you get? Only one of those questions has an answer you can count on… this inspirational session address the productive and meaningful use of your time. From pursuing a college education, to enjoying your chosen career, how you spend your time is the only true measurement of your priorities in life. Tips on success as only you can define it are offered, words of wisdom, and quotes from some famous – and not so famous authors. Learn how to live life in the “interested student position” and what it means to recognize your potential to change. [Widely used at new student orientations and graduations.]

When focusing on college success, this speech is complimented by Nancy’s book, The Now Factors of College Success offered as low as $5 per book in bulk sales.