Once a contract has been requested, it becomes binding and two copies will be sent to you along with a W2, program planning check list, speaker introduction and travel itinerary.

A check for the total contracted price is to be made payable to “Zing! Leadership Development Systems, LLC.” Payment is due directly after services are rendered. Please review the cancellation clause included in the contract to avoid any potential misunderstandings. As part of the contract, set up requests are to be honored at least one hour prior to the speaking engagement. This includes someone to give a prepared introduction of the speaker.

Cancellation Clause :
In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the CONSULTANT and ORGANIZATION including but not limited to inclement weather, flight cancellations and delays which prevent the work as described in paragraph 1, the CONSULTANT agrees to reschedule the date at the agreed upon fee. The ORGANIZATION agrees to reschedule the date within 30 days of the original date at a mutually agreeable date which must fall within ONE YEAR of the originally scheduled date. The ORGANIZATION agrees to reimburse the CONSULTANT for all expenses incurred for the original date (i.e.non-refundable airfares, etc.) and rescheduled date. In most cases, additional travel expenses or change fees for a rescheduled date are minimal.