Recent Kind Words…

Student Feedback

“We received great feedback about your presentations and think you were perfect for this group of students.”
– Joseph Golia, director for campus life, 
Tufts University

“Thank you for bringing your wisdom and brilliance to our student leaders… Your energy, your personality, your spirit, your enthusiasm, your honesty, your confidence – everything about you makes me want to be a better person and a better professional. You are inspiring, motivating, empowering, and also incredibly down-to-earth.”
– Jonathan Crockett, coordinator of student activities, 
Middlesex Community College

“The students once again loved having you here. They commented how you were amazing, informative – yet fun, phenomenal, and kept them all awake!”
– Crystal Brown, coordinator of student involvement programs
, University of West Georgia

“Nancy was both entertaining and insightful. She addressed a lot of the main fears I had without once seeming overbearing or instigating a panic attack in my parents. Her suggestions helped me realize ways I might be able to ease the transition to being on my own.”
– Miguel Espinoza, 
Our Family First Foundation Orientation

“You come to each workshop prepared, but beyond that you came with substance – life-changing thoughts and experiences, handouts of practical information for participants to muse on after you left; but beyond that your passion for what you do lingered.”
– Karlene Thompson, director of student activities, 
Long Island University

“Thank you for a wonderful event at Career Day. Your expertise was certainly something we all learned from.”
– Christine Della Penna, assistant director of career services
, Franklin and Marshall University

“We asked students at the end of the entire conference who had influenced them the most. One student immediately commented you were the most influential speaker she had ever heard.
– Conference Participant, 
Community College Student Leadership Association

“I am so thankful you were able to work with our students. I knew you were a person our first year students needed to meet.”
– Candace H. DeAngelis, associate director of student activities, 
Eastern Connecticut State University

“Every session I went to was great, but Nancy was charming, prepared and an absolute joy. Her information will be used forever.”
– Student leader participant, 
National Conference on Student Leadership

“I really enjoyed not only the content of the presentation, but the endless energy Nancy gives. It was amazing and it is definitely ZING Time!!!!”
– Student leader participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“Zing was fabulous! Nancy’s presentation was creative and thought provoking. What Time is it? ZING TIME!”
– Student leader participant,
 National Conference on Student Services

“… an awesome lady… a great role model for women everywhere.”
– Michelle Ryder, program chair, 
Indiana Correctional Association

“Nancy’s presentations for both the staff and students were right on target. The enthusiasm generated for leadership and service, joy and civility, will give us the spark to carry us through our full year of leadership programming.”
– Anthony Butler, student activities
, University of Baltimore

“The comments from faculty, students and staff speak to the impact that you have had on each of us. You have raised the bar for our community and it is now up to us to meet the challenge of creating a respectful climate.”
– Nance DeBasio, 
Research College of Nursing

“…extraordinary closing keynote!”
– Diana Boyd McElroy, Ph.D., director of student life, 
Park University

“… the most successful program for faculty and staff in the past three years!”
– Carmen Mahlum
, Winona State University

“… the highlight of our event!”
– Kristi Piatkowski, program manager
, CONNECT Partnerships for Nonprofit Solutions

“What a shot in the arm!”
– Participant, 
Sippican Women’s Club

“…made me think how ridiculous the drama and some of the people are in my life… at the end of the day, I can honestly say I was a happier person.”
– male student athlete

“Nancy presents quality information and with true gut spirit.”
– Thomas Harris, student affairs, 
UW – Lacrosse

“… great presentation… you added to the start of our academic year.”
– Joyce Morgan, student affairs
, UMass – Boston

“Wow! What a great program!”
– The Commonwealth Institute – Boston

“…made an impact with our VISTA members!”
– VISTA Volunteer

“You are motivational, sincere, warm, and dedicated to helping people feel good about themselves and nonjudgmental of others.”
– Char Rosin, 
PR director, Northwood University (MI)

“My life has improved since listening to Nancy speak at the 2004 Biennial Conference for Women in Champaign, IL this past April.”
– conference participant

“Your funny sense of humor, ability to mesh and interact with the audience, making us feel that you are one of us – rather than better than us, made you one of the best speakers of the entire two-day conference!”
– Michelle Tjelmeland (IL)

“Your words have given me strength and reassurance, thank you for caring about a stranger.”
– Kathyrn Smith (GA)

“The highlight of the entire conference, in my opinion, was your presentation. Your energy is contagious and your words are inspiring and profound.”
– Glenda Stanley, RN

“You have rich insights to offer and we felt privileged to have you share them with us.”
– Valencia Leadership Practicum

“Nancy Hunter Denney is the best speaker I have ever heard. You have to have her back next year!”
– GOLD participant, 

“Everyone had such a great time and really enjoyed your high energy, quick wit, and enthusiastic presentation.”
– Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Indian River Community College

“You have a commanding stage presence, and your energy was contagious.”
– Director, 
Center for New Students, Kean University

“Your presentation was great. I know that because of the bathroom buzz. People say what they think when they’re waiting for a stall and it was all really positive comments.”
– Kay Levandowski, 
Kent State University Alumni Programming

“Our office has received so many kudos for the wonderful Rally… You said exactly what we needed to hear… and you made us laugh along with the medicine. I still marvel at your gift of presentation and your delivery. You were a ray of sunshine with bringing laughter and wisdom.”
– Sue Huntoon
, Park University

“Nancy’s energy is amazing. She is a wonderful speaker and definitely caught everyone’s attention in the audience.”
– Participant at the National Collegiate Conference for Women Student Leaders

“I really can’t put into words just how much of an impact you have had on all of us. I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.”
– Becky Leyva, 
Eagle Hill School

“It is evident by the stories I have heard from our faculty that you had a profound impact on the girls at our Girl’s Leadership Retreat… The girls continue to talk about the lessons they learned from you and get upset when they hear other students use terms like “whatever.” I am not sure this letter will adequately tell you just how much we appreciated your generosity.”
– Becky Leyva
, Eagle Hill School

“You were everything I expected and more… It’s Zing! time.”
– Laurie Simpson
, Westfield State

“I appreciate the time you took to encourage me to pursue my dream of becoming a public speaker. What a class act you are – confident enough in your own skills and talents to share so freely.”
– Conference Participant

“Thank you for your session. I found it to be truthful and enlightening. You are a delightful speaker. I hope that you will be given many opportunities to share your wisdom with many people.”
– Session Attendee

“You were awesome. We loved having you and recommended you to our dean for future events.”
– Lauren Flaherty, 
Rowan University

“I am always grateful for the times I get to see you and enjoy the sessions you bring to our campuses and conferences.”
– Mark Lowry

“Your books have provided so much information on skill training and leadership. Keep up all of your good work!”
– Bonnie Bromley, 
University of Akron

“She tore it up!” and “You made a huge impact on our campus and there are still people wearing your Zing! pins”.
– Michael Day
, President of CAB at New Hampshire Technical Institute

“Another fabulous orientation session with our parents and students. I can’t tell you the number of compliments I received about your session from both the parents and students.”
– Melissa Ballou, Programs Manager, Our Family for Families First Foundation, White House Joining Forces Community Challenge Winner, 2012

“Excellent! Your keynote was the perfect way to end the conference.”
– Brenda Krehbiel, KAFSAA Conference Committee

“Awesome presentation!”
– Leadership Retreat Participant, Bunker Hill Community College

“Thanks for making the 2013 Leadership Conference a huge success and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with you.”
– Dr. Clantha McCurdy, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

“Your keynote was the highlight of our conference!”
– Student Planner, Leadership Conference Committee, Wichita State University

“Your keynote got rave reviews! The evaluations were glowing.”
– Dr. Susan C. Wyckoff, VP for Academic Affairs, Colleges of the Worcester Consortium

“My crew is flying high. They were completely inspired by Nancy and felt so validated and appreciated.”
– Denise Darrigrand. Clark University

“A perfect beginning to a really hectic week of training. You left all of us ready to go!”
– Orientation Leader, Tufts University

“Heard nothing but positive things from the RAs! Almost all of them tole me you were one of the best speakers they have heard at Eastern.”
– Carrie Robinson, Hall Director, Eastern Connecticut State University

“My freshman seminar students are still talking about you. Zing!”
– Cammie Dean, Midwestern State University

“Great ability to engage an audience and make people excited about leading a group or organization.”
– Sean Bryan, King’s College

“You added to the spirit of our NHS Induction with your meaningful message.”
– Terry Dale, Old Rochester Regional NHS

“High energy and an impactful presence.”
– Kate Poppe, National Conference on Student Leadership

“Not only informative, but inspiring!”
– Randy Scott Stevens, Cornell University

“I’ve known Nancy for over 10 years. I first met her as a keynote at NCSL, and since then have seen her at several venues, and NHTI has hired her several times as a convocation keynote (1,000 students) and workshop presenter. In every case, she has “fine-tuned” her presentation to fit our needs with both students, advisors, and staff. They are so impressed that they always ask to have her back again. As a matter of fact, our director of res life recently heard Nancy and has requested that we bring her back this fall to do several workshops just to res life personnel. We can’t wait!

Re: her speaking style, she is very energetic, professional and articulate. Her knowledge of student life is obvious, and attendees learn to respect her knowledge and guiding opinions. She leaves the podium and quickly connects to her audience. Above all, her message is always spot on, with all who hear her taking her words to heart and application long after her appearance. You can’t go wrong!”
– Dr. Marty Hunt, Professor, NHTI

“Thank you for your time, insight and motivating words for my student leaders. Your influence will be long lasting and I hope will impact their endeavors as students, and after they graduate.”
– Dr. Carl G. Stiles, Director of Student Activities, Springfield College, MA

“Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you provide, while enlightening and engaging all of us. You are a remarkable and generous lady, full of compassion.”
– The Greater New Bedford Catholic Schools

“Thank you for supporting student leadership at the University at Indianapolis. The students loved you and enjoyed the three hour morning session noting how fast it flew!”
– Stephanie Barry, Director of Student Activities, University of Indianapolis

“I would like to thank you for speaking at the 10th Annual SAS Leadership Conference at Wichita State and sharing your Zing! with everyone in attendance. We had 123 students from 26 high schools across the state of Kansas. Your two speeches were the highlight of the conference. Comments on evaluations noted: best speaker I’ve ever heard, incredible, amazing and fantastic! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us and inspiring us to live each day with Zing!”
– Conference Chairperson, SAS Leadership Conference, Wichita State, KS


Professional Staff Feedback

“Your service to young leaders through the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders had value beyond words.”
– Mariama S. Boney, 
American Association of University Women

“Wow! I have never seen 3 hours of pure energy and enthusiasm that was so positive and inspiring. The majority of the staff has gone out of their way to comment on how much they enjoyed the morning. It’s been Zing! time at Child and Family Services of New Bedford since your departure and I expect it to continue!”
– John Jackson, 
Director of NB Child and Family Services

“I have thought, re-lived, walked straighter… you made a difference to me.”
– Diane Willis, 
Lee/Willis Communications

“Nancy Hunter Denney was wonderful she really helped to reframe the work that I do with my students. As a new professional a lot of the strategies she pointed out were not things that I had heard before.”
– professional staff participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“Nancy Hunter Denney is a powerful, effective and captivating presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed her session.”
– professional staff participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“She was funny, professional and motivating. I really enjoyed her session and took to heart the lessons she shared.”
– professional staff participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“Nancy is a top-rated speaker. Please continue to have her on the schedule for future conferences.”
– professional staff participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“Nancy is high energy and a great presenter. I especially love the fact that she is the first person I’ve ever heard say, “do not call me a helicopter parent,” speaking of herself personally…Kudos to Nancy for bringing this subject to our attention!”
– professional staff participant, 
National Conference on Student Services

“Our staff was impressed by your energy and insights.”
– Mary McCarthy, 
NB Child and Family Services

“I firmly believe that in all my years of seeing and hiring motivational speakers, Nancy Hunter Denney is one of the most impactful and influential speakers I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Right from the moment you meet her you understand what I mean. Nancy has such amazing charisma and sense of humor that she not only attracts your immediate attention and is enjoyable for audiences, but also creates an open and honest platform for the audience to think. She does not push her thoughts on others, rather she asks that you step up and critically think for yourself. How powerful is that fact for our young minds!? I feel that Nancy is a true diamond in this world, because her experience as an author, educator and speaker combined with being a mother really brings her words full circle.

I can guarantee that Nancy will reap astounding results for your students and/or staff! Her encouraging and endearing words are full of more than just motivation, because motivation by itself doesn’t serve to make a difference. The driving-force behind the journey that Nancy takes you on will have you looking at your “charismatic potential,” to help you break down your personal “ZING impact equation.” As a speaker she will provide outlets for a true life changing experience. If you allow her words to soak into your own experiences you will leave knowing that you have become a better person for having been a part of one of her presentations. Nancy enables audiences across the country to seek out the tools they need to think…to envision…to act…to be successful. The application of her content will make you stand up and choose to take an active role in bettering yourself and the lives of those around you. I highly recommend her services as a motivational speaker and hope that you allow her to come to your institution/company to share her time with you.”
– Cody Rapp, Assistant Director, Clarion Chamber of Business and Industry


Professional Development Training References:

My audiences for professional development have been diverse – ranging from nurses to librarians, government employees to financial planners, and real estate agents to sales persons. The majority of my audiences, however, have been in higher education and non-profit helping organizations. The benefit to non-higher education groups is that they receive training from a seasoned speaker who delivers original content, controls the learning environment with ease, and makes sure the client’s objectives are met in a competent and professional manner.”
– Nancy Hunter Denney

Please feel welcomed to call any of the contacts listed below.

Event: Professional Staff Training Day with Zing! – May 2012
Roberta Greenberg
Vice President for Student Affairs
Monroe College

Event: Professional Development Session – March 2012
Linda Claypool
Assistant to the Associate VP for Student Engagement
Wichita State University

Event: Worcester Consortium Professional Development Day – Nov. 2011
Dr. Susan Wyckoff
Director of the Higher Education Consortium
508-754-6829 x3029

Event: Professional Staff Development Day – October 2012
Rick Woods
Human Resources Director
Nichols College

Event: National Conference on Student Leadership – Nov. 2011
Marty Hunt
Business Department Head


Additional References:

Diane Wilis [PR Firm who sponsored my keynote for the Indy 500] President, Lee Willis Communication
Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Hank Parkinson [Familiar with my national keynoting at professional conferences] Director of Student Engagement
Fitchburg State University