Looking for an experienced professional speaker who brings audiences to their feet while providing significant content? With a high energy style of speaking, witty sense of humor and original theories connecting life and leadership, Nancy Hunter Denney is passionate about helping all who hear her message strive to want more; not only for themselves, but for those around them.

Ms. Denney brings personal stories, real life examples and her own creative twist to every keynote and training experience. Audiences appreciate her captivating style and manner in which she reaches and teaches. She is a recognized author or contributing author of six books – her most recent release is entitled, Wisdom Along the Way: Writings on Life and Leadership. The 3rd Edition of her signature book, Zing! 21 Insights on Maximizing Your Influence (Foreword by Dr. Ken Blanchard) will be released in 2013.

Complimenting the her speaking efforts, Ms. Denney manages a publishing company for aspiring authors and writes leadership curriculums to assist leadership educators in training up the next generation of leaders. Most importantly, Ms. Denney is a women of faith who specializes in serving those who serve others.

Ever feel like you have it all, yet have nothing at all? As a former subscriber to everyone else’s definition of “having it all,” I draw from personal experiences and a strong belief in approaching every day as a “lifetime.” I must admit to quoting myself… laughing at my own jokes… and having fun on stage. My passion is to teach others to do more than “just show up” to their life, leadership and community. It would be an honor to serve you. How can I help? – Nancy Hunter Denney